We should start to worry about how we’re going to deal with ever growing number of tourists.
Sustainable and responsible travel should always be kept in mind.
We start to understand that we are all part of this world only through traveling, through meeting people.
Responsible travel means real and concrete action in order to make the impact on the environment,
local cultures, economies, peace and poverty as positive as possible.
We do hope we may help you in finding a new way of traveling in Cambodia.
You can reduce your impact and increase your interaction with people and environment.
You may really contribute in a very positive way and still have a very fulfilling traveling experience.
Respect the locals, do what locals do and try to see things from their point of view.
Asian cultures have different ideas of time, space and socially acceptable behaviors.
Never show your emotions in public, as this is considered extremely rude, it will offend people.
Dress appropriately. Look at the locals as the best way to understand what to wear.
Don’t show naked parts of the body around, it is simply a matter of respect and cleanness.
Buy locally made crafts so that what you spend goes directly to the community.
Buy from local markets and roadside vendors. This helps local people to maintain their jobs and
allows what you spend to go directly to the local community.
Learn the art of bargaining as a true way of living for the locals, it is not a matter of saving,
it is a matter of behaving properly.
Do not encourage begging as what you give as a gift, rarely is beneficial.
Find a mission, try to talk with the ones responsible for the projects, donate wisely.
We all have the same needs, pains, joys, desires.
We all come from the same Source of Life.

There are several different ongoing projects to which it is possible to make a worthwhile visit.

Floating Centres

Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang

Promoting Responsible Tourism

*It is necessary to consider that these are not sightseeing excursions,sometimes the encounter with true poverty may cause disturbance, transportation may take place in a not comfortable way, they are often remote missions, areas that only few foreigners visit and therefore we invite to attend only those who are truly prepared to accept situations that may appear extreme when seen through the eyes of Western culture, in full respect of local traditions and customs.