Mondulkiri, officially Mondul Kiri is a province of Cambodia. Bordering the provinces of Kratié to the west, Stung Treng to the northwest, Ratanakiri to the north and the country of Vietnam to the east and south, it is the most sparsely populated province in the country despite being the largest in land area. The province was created in 1961 from the eastern part of Kratié Province. The capital is the town of Senmonorom.

Eighty percent of Mondulkiri’s population is made up of ten tribal minorities, with the majority of them being Pnong. The remaining 20 percent are Khmer, Chinese, and Muslims Cham.

Mondulkiri is known for its forested hills and powerful waterfalls.

Bou Sra Waterfall. Located at Pich Chinda District, 43 kilometers from Senmonorom town, Bou Sra is the largest waterfall, made famous by a popular Khmer song in Mondulkiri.

Senmonorom Waterfall. Five kilometers from town and an easy walk, Senmonorom waterfall is not much to look at and used to be a nice picnic spot until the construction of a Japanese built hydro electric power station that cut the flow of water.

Romnea Waterfall. Ten kilometers from Senmonorom, Romnea waterfall is actually 1 of 3 large waterfalls.

Mondulkiri Protected Forest is part of maybe the largest protected area complex in southeast Asia. The north-west part of the Mondulkiri Protected Forest borders Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary, the south-west part borders Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, the southeast part borders Phnom Nam Lyr Wildlife Sanctuary and to the east lies Yok Đôn National Park (Vietnam).

The population lives off the land, planting rice, fruit trees, and a variety of vegetables. Others grow strawberries, coffee, rubber, and cashew nuts.

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