Allemagna Co., Ltd. Travels is a Private Company Limited fully registered and licensed in Cambodia since 2003.

Ministry of Commerce Licence N. 00009977

Ministry of Tourism Licence N. 195/17

Years of incoming tour operating both in South East Asia, dealing with clients from all over the
globe, keeping in mind the tourism assistance doesn’t mean to be available just in case of need.

We are concerned about the happiness of our clients by considering their unique different needs.

Service and total dedication to the client is is also a part of what inbound tour operating is made of, something we do believe in.

Our office is located in the very center of Siem Reap Town at the following address:

Allemagna Co., Ltd.
Boutique Travels
0155, Phum Sro Kram
Siem Reap
855 (0) 63 965415-6
855 (0) 63 964753 (Fax)